Easy One-handed Hot Drinks

I enjoy a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate. I have tried the old-fashioned kettle on the stove and microwaving a cup of water. Both can be a little difficult and a little unsafe for stroke survivors who can use only one hand, like me.

My mother-in-law was English and drank a lot of tea. She had an electric kettle like this Black+Decker KE1500B 1.7L Rapid Boil Electric Cordless Kettle.  It boils water faster than a stove or microwave and can boil 1 cup to 7 cups.

The kettle lifts off its heating element without the cord, also a good feature for one-handed users. It has an automatic shut-off when the water has boiled or the kettle is empty and other safety features.

To see a kettle like mine, click here.