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Here are some useful products that make life easier and more independent for stroke survivors, people with aphasia, people who use only one hand, people with mobility issues and physical disabilities, and anyone who wants to make their day a little easier around the house, in the kitchen, grooming, reading, writing, moving around, going out, traveling, working, playing, enjoying life.

My speech, occupational and physical therapists helped me learn to be independent by teaching me techniques for one-handed living, a weak right leg, and speech problems from aphasia. Then, it was up to me to continue to find new tricks and tools for my personal care, household chores, work and play. Like most people, we live on a tight budget. So, instead of ordering from an expensive medical equipment supplier, we look for gadgets in our local department store, hardware store, drug store, and occasionally a specialty catalog. You can find almost anything on Amazon, so we have provided a link to Amazon to see and order products like mine.

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